At Norway’s geographical centre: Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella


After some nice days with Björn and Laura where I induced them to buy to much food provisions so that I could get the remainders in the end (Danke für’s generöse überlassen :), I enterred the Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella nationalpark. In this virtually pathless area I had to find my own way.

I had had a lot of respect for this part beforehand.Would I be able to navigate for several days on my own? Had I estimated the timespan I would need correctly? Would my food provisions be sufficient? To top it all, my solarpanel broke so that I could only use the GPS sporadically and mainly had to navigate by means of map and compass. Anyways, it turned out that my concerns where unsubstantiated: everything went well.


At the entrance of the nationalpark, at Skjækerdalshytta, I met Tine who was on the opposite way: from Knivskjellodden to Lindesnes. She had a lot of good tips concerning the route for me (tusen takk igjen Tine, tippsene var kjempebra!). Later that evening two more people arrived at the cabin: a couple in their fifties with an interesting hobby – they collect nationalparks (or tours in them respectively). With Blåfjella-Skjåkerfjella they had visited 24 of the 34 Norwegian nationalparks. It became a cosy evening at the cabin where a lot of stories were exchanged. Tine told about a guy in his seventies whom she had met and who collected DNT-cabins. He had already visited 500 of them and wanted to visited the remaining 23 this year. -A  lot of fancy hobbies out there 🙂

Beside this encounter I met 4 other guys doing NPL (one in stages during his holidays each year and a group of three, all had started from the north) and some fishermen during my time in Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella. It seems that there are not many hikers around in this area and those who are appear to be on the same mission 🙂

The nationalpark is said to have a lot of good fishing lakes. Apart from that it was a stunning, varied landscape  composed of valleys with unspoiled forest, mountains and wide-spread bog areas. It won’t become my favourite tour area, though – a bit to swampy for my taste. Yet, a good thing about the swamps are the many cloudberries which gradually have begun to ripen. What a delicious snack on the go 🙂

One of Tine’s tips was that the Sanddøla river could be waded close to the lake Otersjøen if it had not rained to heavily in the days before, which would save me a detour via Skjelbreia. I decided to follow this advice since it had only rained a bit in the days before. I crossed the river in the evening of July the 30th. It turned out to be a hard crossing with a strong stream and water to the thigh, where I two times almost slipped. Yet, it was a lucky decision to do it this evening, because it rained really heavily in the subsequent night which would have made it impossible to cross the river the next day.

Having eaten up nearly all my food, I arrived in Skorovatn which has a little supermarket – perfect timing. It is always surprising again how comparably light a backpack of 20 kg appears when you start with 30 kg 🙂

In the supermarket in Skorovatn I got an icecream for free. The lady there gives one to each NPLer who passes by. Nice idea! I spent my time in Skorovatn in the DNT-cabin Skorovasshøtta. Here actually the term “cabin” is misleading. It was a semi-detached house equipped with running water, an oven, a microwave and a dishwasher. What a comfortable stay! And interesting to see how different DNT housing can be.

Yesterday, I hit the road again and walked to Røyrvik. A lot of time to listen to the audiobook “Min kamp” (don’t be afraid – I have not developed strange ideas on my way, it is the book of the Norwegian author Knausgaard, not Hitler’s biography I am listening to ;). Today I am having a further resting day in Røyrvik to collect the next parcel, refresh my provisions, do the laundry etc. Tomorrow, I will enter Børgefjell nationalpark, yet another pathless area. I am excited and looking forward to it.

Last but not least I want to make an announcement to all the scandinavian mosquitos and horseflies: I hate you and I will kill all of you that bother me, so just leave me in peace. I hope a lot of them are reading my blog and thus will stop bothering me 😉


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  1. Has Jakob used phrases like “I will kill all of you” and “what the f…” (recent article) before? Seems like the trip has made him a real man… 😀
    Det er veldig moro å lese dine berettelser, Jæckie! Tusen takk for det!
    Alles Gute weiterhin und viele Grüße aus Hof! 🙂

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