Tri-state-area: Nordkalottruta from Abisko to Kilpisjärvi

In the last days I have had both wonderful and windless autumn days on which the sun illuminated the coloured leaves and stormy days on which the wind blew the rain horizontally into my face.

After my first trip in this area in 2013 I once again could walk through the beautiful valleys Anjavass- and Dividalen. The mix of wild canyons, unspoilt woods and rough mountains still makes it to one of my favourite areas.


In the cabin Dividalshytta, which I reached last Saturday, it became full house. Here I met Trine and Susanna as well as Torstein and Ul-Juhan who invited me for dinner: Moose meat from a self-hunted moose with grated cream potatoes and cabbage vegetables – a feast 🙂 After dinner a bonfire was lit and we sat together until late at night. Since everyone except Torstein had a Sami background, I learned a lot about Sami culture and stories. It was also in that night that the first northern lights of the trip flickered across the sky – weak, but still impressive! After a late breakfast where I was invited for pancakes by Trine and Susanna, it was time to say goodbye and I continued to Dærtahytta.

Here I met Kasper and Torbjørn who were on a week trip. On the next morning I awoke from the wind dragging at the cabin and moaning in the timbers. The wind gauge in the hut showed a wind force between 18 to 20 m/s. That could nearly be called a storm. Because of that both Kasper and Torbjørn and I were unsure whether to continue the trip or to have a resting day and wait for the wind to calm down. We waited until noon. By then the wind had ceased a bit and we decided to give it a shot. It turned out that it was manageable to walk in that wind, but it was not really a pleasure.

Today I came to the tri-state-area between Norway, Sweden and Finland. A big yellow concrete block beside a lake marks this point and I could walk through all three countries in just some seconds 🙂
Now I am in Kilpisjärvi and, after a resting day, will continue the trip for some days through Finland before enterring Norway again.


Luckily, I have access to a computer here, too. Thus, I could upload some photos again. As usual, they can be found in the google photos album. (It was not that easy to work with a Finnish computer, but for you I spared no effort 😉

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