Endless expanse: Hardangervidda

Today it rains quite heavily and there is a strong wind. That is why I decided to just have a short hike to the next cabin Kjeldebu and to continue to Finse tomorrow (the weather is supposed to get better).

Infact the weather in the last days has been changeable. When I departed from Haukeliseter, Hardangervidda greeted me with fog and rain and the landscape became one white-greyish soup that was hard to orientate in. Luckily it soon got better and in the centre of Hardangervidda I could enjoy some sunshine.

Along my way through Hardangervidda the mountainous landscape around Haukeliseter transitioned into a hilly plateau with a spectacular visibility. At the same time the amount of snow decreased.


On my way to Litlos I met the first other NPLers (Philipp: the game is on ;): Kristian Fredrik Meyer Ødegård and Maiken Larsen started in February at the North Cape and did the first stages with skis. They also gave me there blog adress – mangemil.no if you want to have a look.

In the centre of Hardangervidda I also saw a flock of wild reindeers. Unfortunately they were to fast for me and my camera 😉

Tomorrow I am heading for Finse thus leaving Hardangervidda and entering Skarvheimen.

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  1. Hva var det igjen vi sa, hvilket antall NPLere? Jeg har det også litt eventyrlig for tida siden jeg har flyttet til Hessen igjen og begynt å jobbe i en ny by, ny arbeidsplass, ny fagområde… og Fulda er et streng katolisk strøk, veldig spennende…
    Ha det fortsatt fint!

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