Hit the road Jack: Kvås – Eiken


The last 2 days I literally hit the road since there were no hiking trails available in that part.

On the 30th of May I went from Kvås to Eiken. Around lunchtime I came across a supermarket that I had not found during my online researches. While I was enjoying lunch on a bench outside an elderly guy came up to me and asked me what I was up to. His first comment was “then you haven’t come far”. Afterwards he wanted to know more about my route. When I explained it to him, he asked me if I had brought a fishing rod, because according to him there are a lot of nice fishing lakes in Setesdalsheiane. When I denied he could not believe it and told me that I absolutely had to get hold of a little telescope fishing rod and a fly (“Veier jo nesten ingenting.”). I will think about it – at the moment my backpack is heavy enough as it is 😉 In general it is a nice thing about the rural areas that people just approach you and start a chat. In the last two days people already knew what I was up to. They are used to it and tell me that every year around that time some NPL guys are passing by. The standard intro question now is “Skal du til Nordkapp?” (Are you heading for the North Cape?)

Although there was little traffic on the roads and the scenery was nice, it was sometimes hard to motivate during those two days, because if the street just goes on for what appears an endless time, you are exhausted and your body hurts you sometimes just want to throw the bag away and continue without. Luckily I withstood that temptation so that I now still have my tent and can enjoy the setting sun at the shore of Fjotlandsvatnet the endpoint of todays walk 🙂

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